Smart Home Automation Kit

What is included in COCO's Developer Edition?

COCO’s Developer Edition also referred to as the Smart Home Automation Kit is available in two forms. One that best suits the smart home needs and compliance of the USA and another that is best for European and Indian needs. Both versions include

  1. IoT multi-radio gateway
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Contact sensor

Other components are specific to each version.

You can explore both versions and further technical specifications on the Developer Edition page.

Is there an IoT Gateway that I could use to start building my IoT Apps? Do you recommend anything specific?

Glad you asked! The COCO developer edition comes with an IoT Gateway that is already “Buzzed on COCO”. We highly recommend this gateway as an excellent way to get started on building out your P2P IoT Apps.

The multi-radio, wireless gateway is designed for quick home automation solutions. It connects smart devices with each other featuring Zigbee, Z-wave, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and lets you create innovative IoT applications, services, and products.

Iot multi radio gateway_COCO

The modular construction of the COCO gateway can be customized in radio standards as well as the look and function of the device. The IoT smart hub can be applied to different smart home use cases to create smart energy, home security, home safety, elderly care, and other similar smart home needs. It measures energy, temperature, illuminance, and relative humidity. 



I really like COCO’s Developer Edition but I don’t see anything about it here. How do I purchase it?

That’s great news. We have opened the bookings for the COCO’s Developer Edition. Please visit COCO Grove for more information or book your Developer Edition.