Getting Started

What is included in COCO's Developer Edition?

COCO’s Developer Edition also referred to as the Smart Home Automation Kit is available in two forms. One that best suits the smart home needs and compliance of the USA and another that is best for European and Indian needs. Both versions include

  1. IoT multi-radio gateway
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Contact sensor

Other components are specific to each version.

You can explore both versions and further technical specifications on the Developer Edition page.

How secure is COCO?

COCO is built from the ground up with security in mind. All traffic is encrypted and authenticated end to end using a custom security protocol developed primarily for peer-to-peer networks. We developed this protocol and its implementation in collaboration with a 3rd party partner security consulting company. The protocol has also been scrutinized for penetration testing by independent 3rd parties.

I have a device that may not work with COCO. Can I still use COCO?

COCO works with all devices, apps, and gateways that are ‘Buzzed on COCO’. You can get in touch with us for a Device SDK.

It should be possible to deploy COCO in a variety of networked scenarios, so chances are that your device should work with COCO (in COCO parlance, we call a device that has COCO functionality as being “Buzzed on COCO”). Having said that, if there is something that is preventing your device from being “Buzzed on COCO”, it could still work with COCO if it is connected to the internet through a gateway of some sort that is “Buzzed on COCO”.

How to Get Started?

It is super simple. Follow these steps:

  • Sign Up into the COCO’s Developer Platform
  • Choose the type of communication you want to work with App-to-App / App-to-Device/ Device-to-Device
  • Download the relevant SDK: the Client SDK to develop Apps and the Device SDK to write your software.
  • Create and customize your private network.
  • Publish your creation on COCO Grove.