COCO Grove

What is Buzzed on COCO?

The COCO software stack can be incorporated into apps and devices, in order to benefit from all the features of COCO. If an app or a device has the COCO software stack incorporated, we call it to be “Buzzed on COCO”.

buzzed on coco

Could you help me with any marketplace that would help me sell my IoT Apps?

Yes, we are happy to partner with you on your marketplace. COCO’s marketplace (aka “COCO Grove”) is simply a list of apps and devices that enable COCO functionality. You can explore different apps and devices that are Buzzed on COCO and access the same for your network.

You can access COCO Grove also from the COCO App which is designed to help you get started with smart home automation, define resources, zones and capabilities based on your custom needs.