Some industries are gearing up to capitalize on the $100Bn Smart Home opportunity. The telcos, ISPs, and other CSPs are perfect for it. They already have the network infrastructure deployed on the ground and a strong subscriber base, keeping the acquisition costs low. They understand the play of the internet, data, and bandwidth.

However, to go full throttle into the smart home market, the missing link is a fully managed Smart Home Platform anchored within an IoT ecosystem. This platform determines your speed to go-to-market, reduces capital expenditure, and effort employed to understand the nuts and bolts of the business story.

Here is a collection of topics that will help you choose a Smart Home Platform and familiarize you with the must-haves that matter to your agenda. 

Must-Haves of a Smart Home Platform

Edge-first vs Cloud-first

Explore where you stand on the technology landscape by answering these questions. With rapid changes that have led to the emergence of remote working, data privacy, and increasing need for bandwidth and low latency, what technology should you choose? How can edge computing help your existing business? Read further

Ensuring remote connectivity enabled by an Operator Console

Your subscribers are spread across the world. How can you promise seamless delivery without deploying expensive field technicians while empowering your support centers and remote assistance? Read further

Data Privacy and Governance in IoT and Smart Homes

Service providers need to comply with privacy laws and regulations. This brings us to explore whether storage on devices or storage on the cloud is a better option. How can a Smart Home platform facilitate tuning into privacy at different layers of customer experience? Read further

Customized IP development using SDKs

What works better? How can your Smart Home platform help you leverage options between on-prem and SaaS hosted solutions on the public cloud? Ready-to-deploy SDKs help you develop your own intellectual property (IP) and scale your solutions with flexibility. Read Further

A Channel for recurring revenues through innovative VAS

A Smart Home ecosystem that provides a double-sided platform to leverage and launch value-added services for recurring revenues. COCO is also anchored into a growing developer ecosystem that allows you to provide hardware at competitive prices and then focus on differentiated AI, Analytics and various other value-added services that are delivered over-the-top and generate recurring revenues. Read Further

Interoperability—Empowering customers to choose you

COCO as a Smart Home platform allows you to design bundles that solve real problems such as security, safety, conservation, assisted living, and so on. You can partner with any third party Zigbee, Zwave, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other low energy devices that are Buzzed on COCO to devise unique solutions for your customers. Read Further

Download this whitepaper here that explains ‘Why Service Providers need to take a Smart Home platform approach?’. Feel free to drop in an email to to discuss more how we can help you explore other real-time communication needs too. 

About COCO

COCO is an Edge AI-enabled decentralized Smart home platform that is anchored into a growing ecosystem of IoT developers, smart device manufacturers, and channel partners. The platform has in-built security and encryption with remote connectivity and low latency. A platform that enables you to kickstart within weeks any solution that needs real-time communication.