It’s all about faster, cheaper, and better. For businesses or end-consumers, the agenda of IoT was to make living smarter, achieving better connectivity. 

Just connecting things to the internet cannot create a network of apps and devices that can communicate with the barriers of commercialisation. The real connectivity is to be able to share data, trigger actions, create routines, avoid mishaps, and predict, irrespective of the device or network protocols.

We don’t see why a consumer’s choice of device or app should restrict the possibilities of achieving a smarter life. Taking a brand and protocol-agnostic approach, COCO gives the freedom to choose a highly customised solution for one’s smart home.

Decentralised IoT platform for a connected digital living

COCO’s decentralised IoT platform provides real-time communication with low latency that allows for rich data streaming and processing. It provides a flexible network topology where nodes of the COCONet that are part of the LAN will continue to communicate with each other even when the cloud is unavailable.

The platform comes in-built with other intuitive features such as fine-grain node control management, offline functionality, remote access with cloudless data transfer. It is a double-edged sword which benefits your consumers as well as your business.

Keep the bedroom data private

Data privacy

There is friction when it comes to selling solutions that include the bedroom as a zone. Consumers find it spooky and uncomfortable to part with very private data that goes out of a bedroom. It is not just about a single room but other information that is no longer yours when you bring in a smart home solution. 

The main enemy of privacy is the centralized client-server architecture. This led COCO to create a secure P2P middleware that separates the data plane from the business logic and connects apps and devices into a mesh overlay network. 

The network is open to only those that are invited. This means that with COCO you can empower your consumers with transparency and control over their private data, and any data shared with 3rd parties is anonymized.

A survey by The Economist reveals that, “Consumers may not appreciate the ubiquity of interconnected sensors in their everyday devices, but they nonetheless sense danger about the automatic transmission of their personal data.”

Take your home where you go

On-the edge technology with low latency

‘Take your home, where you go’, this is a promise you can deliver. With car OBD and augmented reality turning into sought after customer preferences, rich data streaming is a must-have. Leveraging AI-enabled on-the-edge technology, COCO allows for cloudless data transfers. 

You could make any of this a reality for the emerging markets. Monitoring connected vehicles to help your partner find the route to the nearest gas station. You could be looking for your toddler curled into a corner or on the sly looking for your son while playing ‘hide ‘n seek’ with your son; while you expect your security cameras to apply facial recognition to respond accurately to your request.

COCO lets your consumers enjoy low latency across these rich data streaming paths. The technology bypasses round trips to a central cloud and instead traverses the shortest path using P2P networks.

Curtail every bypass and prevent thefts

Data security

Traditional approach to security slows your go-to-market time. To keep up with the security standards, you need to spend a lot of money. You would also have to ensure that every device manufacturer who you partnered with adheres to those security norms. These long rounds of data security can be reduced with COCO. 

All COCO devices come with built-in encryption. Networks created on COCO called the COCONet enable security via the use of ECDH for key exchange, ECDSA for message signing, and ChaChaPoly-1305 for the encryption algorithm. This security management is handled by the platform and removes the burden from the developers too. COCO provides end-to-end encryption-in-motion.

Source report: The Economic Intelligence Unit Report 

Connecting possibilities of choice


COCO enables flexibility to customise for new use cases via your brand. If your customer chooses to integrate media, fitness, and security as a single solution, they could do so with your brand. You could further extend this into a unique service management proposition with device manufacturers.

Over the mesh topology, we added a common language of communication on top of this middleware to allow for apps and devices to interoperate easily. Every smart home solution can be customised across multi-device networks, different available platforms and languages. 

No matter where you are

Remote and offline connectivity

Customers can access their networks from anywhere and still keep the data private. The data coming from the devices can also be accessed when there is no public internet available. 

Your service support team can also diagnose technical problems and provide remedy from a remote location, reducing on-field operational costs. 

Mantra is to stay focussed

Managed connectivity and ready-made software libraries.
With ready made software libraries, you can create apps and firmware in less than two weeks.

The COCO platform handles NAT and Firewall traversal. In a COCONet, the platform handles remote and offline network connectivity between all nodes, allowing you to focus on solving the main business problems.

A swiss army knife for connectivity and communication

End-to-end, fully managed IoT platform
COCO presents a wholesome opportunity by providing all-rounded support. The platform aids connectivity and network management, device management, data analytics, application enablement, integration and storage. It also includes an IoT app store with developer created apps to get started immediately.