IoT is not about getting standalone smart devices to work for themselves. Smart home consumers need standalone devices and apps to communicate with each other, integrated irrespective of the brand and IoT protocol on a single home network. That is true Internet of Things (IoT). 

With exclusive device firmware and IoT protocol loyalty, the utility will remain siloed. IoT begins with integrating smart devices and apps into smart networks for people to get pretty much everything done!

COCO’s Smart Home Platform empowers the consumer to choose a personalized use case, implement it, and live it. Some of the many exciting use cases that CSPs can explore are here.

Entertainment: Social Watching

Watch Together: TV | Mobile | Browser

OTT platforms and other video watching need not be restricted to a single home. With ‘Watch Together’, you could choose to host a premier with a celebrity with invite-only membership in an exclusive watch room, adding revenue with onboarded influencers, sponsored events plus OTT services.

It allows your customers to bring social circles closer and this solution goes beyond the recent social distancing constraints. You can rely on this solution to go full circle, right from customer acquisition, engagement, platform monetization, and rich data analytics. You could also scale the solution with over 100 viewers, 2-way audio, low latency conferencing, and end-to-end encryption.

Home networking: COCONets

COCO Home App

Give away your customers the power of interoperability, device, and network management for their smart homes. With COCO Home App, your customers can create a cloudless Smart Home with data privacy in minutes. Users can invite family members and friends onto private networks, add and remove devices and apps, create zones and scenes to customize routines for different locations.

COCO combines end-to-end encryption and on-device storage to enable a private smart home.

Private communication: Personalized chat app

COCO Chat app

Apps built using the cloud technology leave user data vulnerable to hacks. Their data sits on third-party servers which have little control over data security. This chat app that is built using the COCO technology provides end-to-end encryption with low latency to transfer rich data such as video calls, voice calls, chat messages, etc. It allows users to have private chat rooms for home and work.

While these are home-grown solutions for anyone to use. We are also equipped to deliver and have already implemented some of the following solutions. They are available for you to add into your smart home offering to end-users or subscribers.

Energy Conservation

AI-based Energy Optimizer

AI-based energy optimizer can predict energy utilization and notify it on your mobile. The in-built energy analytic dashboard provides insights to both the energy service provider as well as the homeowners. This data can be accessed via other devices such as TV and mobile. Based on the rules configured by the user, the data received by the optimizer would automatically regulate energy usage by heavy electrical appliances such as the refrigerator, air-conditioner, heater, washing machine, water motor, and so on. 

It can perform automated tasks such as sensor activation, light management, temperature management, voltage regulation, and appliance on/off modes.

Comfortable living & Convenience

Single Smart Home Switch

A TV remote, an AC remote, a remote for lights, for smart security devices, and the many more remotes to manage different devices in the same house. Using COCO, we have been able to create a single device with a single interface that can manage all the smart devices used within a home. The panel switch also allows the user to integrate devices and set routines using this interface.

Device discovery 

Using an app and sensor data, device location, battery life, network-device dependency, and device maintenance can be delivered to the end-user and managed by the service provider. This is an enabling IoT use case in the 5G era. This is not only applicable to smart homes, but also for building management, community/neighborhoods, on-the-move devices (autonomous vehicles).


Virtual Desktop

Work from anywhere is the modus operandi of the 5G digital era. A virtual desktop is a must-have for the office goers. We call this an On-the-go Smart Office Environment. Using the COCO technology, service providers can create a secure office network for enterprise data transfer and still remain efficient across physical boundaries and limitations.

On-the-move Virtual Sports

Deploying AR and VR to create virtual sports is a well-accepted proposition. In the context of IoT, we have taken it a step further. Launch games that could be played in real-time without losing the realistic experience while the users are also able to invite friends and family to join the game. COCO’s on-the-move virtual sports integration allows users to experience and participate in the game while they are on-the-move or stationed. It is disruptive because of the low latency features which allows for rich-data transfers without interruption. 

Healthcare and Assisted Living

Preemptive medical prescription 

Haven’t thought of it? With IoT this is possible. Medical practitioners can use real-time data coming from wearables and map it to the most recent patient activity and health records. Users, healthcare providers, primary caretakers, and service providers can track data coming from different smart medical devices and wearables to prescribe medication, caution, or other medical advice, preemptively.

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Automated Feedback Loops use mobile devices to keep patients and their activities in touch with their doctors as well as members of their family. For instance, if a mobile sensor detects lack of motion during the day, both the patient’s doctor and family members can be alerted in real-time.  Remote Patient Monitoring involving gathering patient medical data at the patient’s location outside of a hospital or care facility. It’s often followed by a remote analysis by a doctor, technician, or other care providers at a hospital or care facility.

Smart Hospital

Smart-Bed Medical Device Integration is an example of a non-invasive device that is integrated through a smart hospital bed as a communication hub. The hub itself is further integrated with a hospital’s or other medical facility’s IT systems. This can be deployed for post-operative care, therapy centres, and medical nurseries for the challenged.

Create an Integrated Smart Home Experience

Interoperability is an inseparable and essential capability of IoT. That’s why we call it the Network of Things. This is possible. At COCO, we have already made this a reality. To create your own, unique, proprietary solution, reach out to us or schedule a call. COCO also provides a ready-to-launch Edge AI-enabled Smart Home Platform for Service Providers.