Traditionally, smart home players build wall gardens with a vendor lock-in strategy. And hence, service providers that look to avoid vendor lock-in, have not yet been able to piggyback on the high-demand smart home opportunities. 

In the absence of a smart home platform, service providers are still trying to solve a lack of flexibility to offer customized smart home services; lack of interoperability that enables their customers to choose the best products, and lack of an extendable business model (B2B vs B2C), that enables recurring revenues from partnering with other businesses.

Without a smart home platform, brand partnerships and alliances take a longer time to materialize. Profitability cannot be scaled. 

A double-sided smart home platform provides extendability from B2C into B2B opportunities and avenues to provide value added digital services over the existing smart home hardware offerings.

A Channel for recurring revenues through innovative VAS

COCO provides a double-sided platform which includes a Smart Home ecosystem to leverage and launch value-added digital services for recurring revenues. COCO enables service providers to tap any or all the following avenues for recurring revenue streams:

  • COCO Grove, an IoT app store is a launchpad for a growing network of developers to create applications that work with any COCO Smart Home. 
  • COCO is anchored into a growing developer ecosystem that allows you to provide hardware at competitive prices and then focus on differentiated AI, Analytics and various other value added services that are delivered over-the-top. 
  • Utilizing the Open API and SDK approach of COCO, utility players are enabled to establish additional B2B partnerships to diversify profibilitabilty.

Diversify profitability with a double-sided platform approach, with consumers on one side, and service-providing partners on the other.

Unlimited Opportunities

Instead of validating ideas and testing each pilot, COCO’s feature of interoperability empowers customers to generate their own bundles, adding more revenue to data communication services.
COCO as a Smart Home platform allows you to design bundles that solve real problems such as security, safety, conserversation, assisted living and so on. You can partner with any third party Zigbee, Zwave, WiFi, bluetooth, and other low energy devices that are Buzzed on COCO to devise unique solutions for your customers. Read further