We are in an age where we no longer need to rub flintstones to make fire. This applies to most evolved technologies and IoT too. 

Speed and cost determine your stance in any competitive play. 

Off-the-shelf platform solutions bring advantages of increased time value, reduced monetary and opportunity costs. But, most of these cloud-hosted solutions are a compromise for CSPs. Since, the CSPs and their consumers have to tackle the inevitable security threats.  

What will you lose? More than 24 months of time and money.

You would invest the efforts of collating the right bundle of devices, building features for better communication and connectivity while you could own them at a fraction of a cost, with flexibility.

With changing times, consumers are ready to consume and pay for integration of customised OTT solutions, chat messengers, video calling, and camera data services. CSPs need flexibility and the ability to deliver versatile services over a click. 

CSPs need to stock a floating inventory of most preferred low cost hardware. To support on-demand services, the hardware should support a low memory footprint with the universal and adaptive operating system, processing capability, and sensor interoperability.

An IoT platform adds speed and minimizes cost which brings down your go-to-market time from 24 months to 2 weeks. 

COCO’s IoT platform comes with a client SDK which enables CSPs to create applications that could be delivered as standalone or value added services. Applications published on COCO Grove created by developers using the COCO client SDK can be used to deliver quick, on-demand IoT services. 

These features could also be used to integrate complimenting services together as a single offering without any production downtime.

We are cognizant that memory is an important cost factor and have catered to it. COCO maintains a device portfolio as well as partners with low cost hardware vendors to maintain a low memory footprint. We have achieved to build hardware with 8 megabytes of flash memory including uboot, OS like Linux, COCO device SDK, camera app for RTSP cloud recording and P2P sensor interoperability. 

Don’t let someone else eat your lunch 

Don’t let go of your existing wealth—your existing customer base. Your customer base is ready to consume IoT and smart home services from a known service provider. Investing and inviting your existing customer base is not just a new market opportunity but a customer retention strategy. Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%, according to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company.

With COCO’s SDKs you could combine preferred device bundles with app services to your existing customer base in no time. The SDKs also bring the promise of data privacy and security with built-in encryption.

Jumpstart with COCO SDKs 

For CSPs, building the core service proposition and buying technological agility is the answer to lead any new market opportunity. It is also a matter of how much the CSPs should own with the emerging 5G era that may add the burden of infrastructure investments. 

With the pressure of shared networks in the 5G era, CSPs have to focus on reducing owned infrastructure and find ways to make the most out of the increasing device and consumer population density.

COCO’s hybrid P2P platform leverages edge intelligence which takes advantage of high device and consumer density to reduce network maintenance costs. COCO SDKs ready-to-launch nature allows you to hit the market with high speed and low cost. 

Download COCO SDKs.